» The main income provider for the area is the industry, represented by local companies or by branches of companies from Cluj-Napoca or Zalãu. Due to the general economic changes, in the last 8 years these industrial units has unemployed many people with relevant and varied experience and qualifications (around 70% of the workforce available in the town).

» The setting up of the Industrial Park will create the needed infrastructure for developing a business environment compatible with the needs and possibilities of the private sector, circumstancest that will contribute to new investments occurrence and to new jobs for the unemployed, respectively.

» In the Sãlaj county there is a number of 256856 inhibitants, surface being 386438 ha, yelding a medium population density of 66.5 inhibitants/sqkm, placing the Sãlaj county on the last but one place in the North-West region. As for the city of Jibou, one of the four cities of the Zalãu county, have a total surface of 6466 ha and a population of 12330 inhibitants, with a medium population density of 190.7 inhibitants/sqkm. From the total, 50.46 % are womens.

» In the year 1998 from a total of 4224 enterprises (registered by comerce register, form the Comerce and Industry Chamber of Sãlaj county), 194 had their headoffice in Jibou. In 1999 their number rised to 236, in present being 247. After the town has received the statute of defavoirized area by Government Decision no.201/1999, with the related fiscal facilities for the investors and companies set-up in the area there was expected a "explosion" of new-born enterprises, this fact did not occured because of the poor developped infrastructure. Most of the investments oriented again to the city Zalãu. Still, the city of Jibou develppped, some important investments appeared, leading to rising the overall revenues of the city.